"In my years in this field, I have studied many modalities in the healing, health & wellbeing areas
Starting off with over 10 years in the Health Food industry was the beginning of it all
Then realizing, that most of the time its not what we eat, but what we think.
Healthy mind then healthy body!

So I furthered my studies out to the fields of Reiki, level 1,2, 3 & Masters, this was in 1996
Basic Natropathy & Iridology had always been around me for a number of years
and a very keen interest towards Astrology, studying this at Stotts University in Melb for 2 years

Then interests went towards Spiritual healing as I met my first spiritual teacher who put me on the path of mystery
I realized that theres so much more to these wonderful things called the human bodies.

I trained with Rev.Bob Ferguson for 4-5 years
in all areas of Shamanism, Healing, readings & third eye activations
"i then trained anorther 5 years in circle with Maureen Bell, another wise and loving being"

I then went on the crystal path and was blessed to have had another 2 good Teachers.
Here I received training in Crystal Healing and the art of touch crystal therapy, these where brief yet thorough courses.
Following along I learned Radiant Light Healing, this was another modality which pulled me in like a magnet.
Learning the Chakras & the significance of sound, colour & light

I have recently become a Shamballa Reiki 1024 Master and am passing on the attunements to many that come
This is a reasonably new modality, particuly in Australia, I'm the first of only a few that I know of.

Hope this is a help to you in some way and that I can offer you some beneficial healing

Warm Wishes

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