Divine Design
Was created by Michele Kingston in 1997
To deliver natural products that can assist one on their spiritual journey.
These products include crystal vibrational & healing waters, Archangel scented oils, meditation cd's, and divinely crafted crystal jewellery

Crystal vibrational waters


Archangel oils


Meditation cd's



Divinely crafted jewellery


The Divine Light Centre

Founded by Michele Kingston in 2004
It exists as a place of sacred space to welcome all to come and sit with others of like mind, to share experiences,
discover new knowledge, meet friends with fun discussions whilst on their spiritual path in lovely regular groups
The centre offers services of many kinds such as healings, readings, channellings and a variety of workshops,
which are available throughout the year
It covers topics on anything to do with spiritual awareness, different realms, etc.


Links to our other Web Sites
divinelightcentre.com or Oceanangel.net.au